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When looking to update a room, it is easy to overlook the windows. Most of us are so focused on paint colors and furniture arrangements that we completely miss the opportunity to really customize the windows for a truly exceptional look. If you're in the market for customized window treatments, then call the professionals at Shadee Lady Window Treatments & Interior Design.


It may seem like there are endless choices when it comes to window treatments and it can be a bit overwhelming. While the idea of doing research on the different types of window treatments may be off-putting, speaking to a knowledgeable professional about your options is likely the contrary. We'll spend the time to figure out your specific needs. We will discuss things like price point, exposure and available features all to narrow down your options.

Call Shadee Lady Window Treatments & Interior Design in Shelton, CT today to schedule a consultation.

We design architectural woodwork details, custom wall units, as well  as movable bookcases to a  safe room/combination storage room.

Interior Architecture

Are you
stumped with how to arrange your furniture or maximize your

small space?

This is where we come in.

Space Planning


We design area rugs to accent any room in your home.

Color Consultation

Choosing the right paint color can be extremely daunting for many people. We lend a professional eye to help you avoid unnecessary mistakes and achieve the look and feel you had envisioned.



Design and Ordering

We represent

major furniture


One Hour Magic

Don't need a full service home makeover? Book a shopping date with one of our personal shoppers who will help you select the best materials for your home or workplace - all within your budget.

Need an extra pair of eyes and
advice on making furniture and design selections? One of our personal shoppers will spend the day with you offering advice, industry tips and more. This is priced on an 8 hour day.

All Day Date

We will revitalize your living space by rearranging existing furniture, accessories and artwork.

Room Design

Interior Design Services

We are well versed in mixing styles, sourcing unique products, and working with existing pieces to create distinctive and intriguing interiors. Our team has managed a variety of projects - large, small, contemporary and traditional, with a focus towards transitional design. Our experience, education and enthusiasm for interior design motivates us to create harmonious and beautiful spaces our clients will enjoy for a lifetime